2015 Is Over


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Today is the last day of 2015 and it’s the last day of whatever new year’s resolutions that you had from 2015. And if it hasn’t been accomplished it won’t be anymore, a sad thing to say but it’s true. I like a lot of people didn’t accomplish my goal this year but I did try, and I got parts of it accomplished.

But it’s going to be a new year in a few hours and I do have a lot of new goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. The first of those goals, is I want to have the longest running written sci-fi series. So I’m making a plan to achieve that hopefully by the end of next year, my plan is to be writing 4000 words per day by the end of February. I did use to do 2000 words in one day when I wrote, but when I did that I was only writing two or three times a week, now I want to do that at least six days a week. I think it will be entirely possible seeing that when I used to do that I did type it by hand, but now I am using speech recognition and typing. And even though it does have its glitches it’s still a lot faster than typing alone.

My next goal is to get healthier, I don’t mean losing weight or getting fit or anything like that. Actually just want the mind I used to have back, being able to think for days on end, even when I was asleep. I miss the days where I would be lost in a different universe for hours and hours not even realizing where I was, and the days of be able to meditate for hours perfectly still. Listening to every beat of my heart and every breath I take almost like music. So to get those days back am actually trying out a whole bunch of new vitamins. I started yesterday with B12, vitamin B super complex, and omega-3 whale oil. I didn’t expect to feel the difference as quickly as I did however. Turns out I could feel the difference within a couple hours yesterday after the taking the first set with breakfast I was wide awake for the first time in almost a year, well early in the morning that is. I did get a really bad headache yesterday maybe it was because of the fact that I only had a couple hours of the sleep the night before and all the vitamins forced me to be wide-awake with thoughts rushing through my mind.

I will also be trying out a few other vitamins later on, maybe I can find a way to boost the rate at which my brain recovers hopefully get rid of some the numbness in my body or maybe the twitching. But either way I will be putting my brains health first and hopefully pushing its limits without hurting myself.

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