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I will finish Nanowrimo

November is national novel writing month, and this month I will be writing or more precisely will be finishing the novel ten thousand walks. I’m not exactly sure when actually got the concept for the novel, I think it was actually almost 2 years ago. I started writing it over and over again; but I […]

Day One

Day one of my 30 days of writing was today, though the original plan was for it to be started on Sunday, and then I moved it to Monday to start off the week and ended up not even starting. But yesterday I did finish getting everything ready and left the first story I would […]

30 Days to finish or start new life style

Well it’s been a while since I have even thought about doing any type of serious writing seeing that most of my work usually ends up not ever getting finished. But it’s my first summer off in a while and it’s just about done just about a month left so I think I will use […]

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