4 AM conspiracy

Who is awake at four in the morning, I mean I have been awake then a few times and it is by far the worst time to be awake ever. I had the thought that so many bad things happen at this time. In fact, there is a TED video about bad things happened at this time. Moreover, they pointed out so many different examples but the one I like the most was from the Simpsons. However, I recently saw Chris Rocks never scared comedy show, and guess what he had a reference to 4am and it wasn’t good. His reference was that ATM shouldn’t be open at this time because the only person using one at 4AM has to be a drug addict trying to take 300 dollars out to go buy crack.

But I just have to wonder why does 4AM have such a bad name something must have happened to start it all, and it must have been bad but who know. It just a thought.



TED video

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