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I have lost my mind in a sense,  not like I was ever really completely sense to begin with but not I know its comply gone this time. I have not written anything at all in while and the reason is simple, well not really. I kind of just couldn’t, being stressed and having most of your family always at the point of screaming at you kind of just made me snap. This has resulted in a few side effects that I would rather not deal with such as pain and not being able to eat at times. But mostly it is really annoying to not be able to think straight, soon after I lost well my mind in the huge filing system that is my brain the voices came back once again.

I say once again because it is by far not the first or last time there will be voices in my head. Oddly enough this time they were on the path to fix everything that was wrong with my body all at once. So like an annoying friend they nag with what they think is the best thing for me to do. In cases you’re wondering why I say they, I’ll tell you well its simple I say they because there is more voices than I can count. I tried and got a headache somewhere along the lines of 500, after that I just give into the insanity.

Though my mind currently resembles a football stadiums at the end of a game on the leave of noses and chaos I somehow have found a hole in my thoughts where I can, well I’m not going to say think clearly but, think in a very slowed rate that well though reduces my ability to solves problems by a huge amount still allows me to functions seemly well.

Aside from the going insane part, this month has been well bad in simple terms. Mostly this is due to the fact that I have MS and for some reason thoughts and feels become things I can feel physically, but due to the chaos that is my mind I have only know what it’s like to have a clear thought less mind for a few minutes in the 21 years I’ve been alive and the near unimaginable amount of time that my mind for some reason believes without any doubt that I have been alive for.


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