Man today was a long day. I have been working on the second book in the cursed Heroes series. I got a lot done today though I need to do a lot more still but I will be done this week, all that needs to be done at this point is really editing the stories and writing a bit for my extras. Then I just need to do the cover, I think it should take about twenty minutes to do it, I have already made the background in 3ds. So all I really have to do is add the M.O.W log and the test over the image and I’m done.

In case you were wondering I haven’t fully gotten back to myself and don’t really see that happening any time soon or maybe ever. I seem to have passed that line between sane and insane one to many times and I forgot where the line is. On the bright side I have found a way to put that insanity to work to keep me entertained 24 seven. And it really is 24 seven for me seeing that sleep isn’t one of the things that stop my mind from running in circles around stars and super novas. Well that’s it for now I’m going back to editing for a while.

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