Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

able lincon

Most Epic movie about the past that I have ever seen. Wasn’t because of all the action but it was a really good story line, turning vengeance into good, well vampire killing goodness. It did live up to the trailers, which most movies for some reason don’t live up to.

So here it is should you watch it or not; if you like action movies this one you can’t miss or you will be missing out big time. Doesn’t have cursing or sex which I found to be refreshing for and action move that had a whole love thing, which was pretty romantic. So yes ladies will enjoy this movie if not for the action they will for the romance.

My rating for the story and how well written it was is a five out of five, then there is the acting and carrying out of the movie I give that full five stars to. Then for the action and carrying out of special effects I give it a 3.9, because it was great action just a bit not all there for me. But over all I give this movie a five out of five because it was such a good movie to watch. So go see it if you like old time movies or vampires.

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