Apple vs. Microsoft vs. Google

It has been an amazing year for tech so many new things are coming out day after day. New software and new things to run that software on, from computers to phones new ones are being released almost daily it seems. But as of late Apple has well become upset in a way with Samsung, over there new phone the Galaxy S3 and nexus, which I say they don’t have a right to be, reason being is the Galaxy s2 kind of wipes the floor with the current iPhone. Yes, I do have a galaxy s2 and have had one for about 8 months now, which by the way is the longest I have had a phone, and I love my phone wouldn’t give it up for an iPhone if you paid me to.

But this is not because of Samsung though they did an amazing job on this phone but it’s because of android. I have been running 4.0 or as its better known as ice cream sandwich (ICS) and it is amazing it’s fast, and does more than I could hope my phone to do. I have even gotten better battery life since I switch to ICS from GB (Gingerbread) a few months ago, my battery life now is about  12- 15 hours normal use and close to 24 on lit use which for me is having my data off playing music for hours on end so I don’t have updates from anything.

So I love my phone as you can tell, but this is about Apple Google and Microsoft, well we know what Google is going with their new version of android 4.1 aka jellybean (will be testing it out next week) which will be even faster and smoother with more features  and more ease of use. And oh Yeah Google glasses amazing android powered glasses.

So Microsoft is next and man have they been busy, not only have they been upgrading their search engine Bing, the windows phone OS and windows 8. But they have also, finally started to bring windows surface, to the open market. For anyone who doesn’t know what windows surface is, it’s basically a table that does everything, and looks amazing doing it. In my option, being an android user for years now, I have to say windows 8 on a surface tablet will give android tablets something to catch up to.

First off before I say anything about Apple, I want to say I don’t like or trust them. I have crashed Apple’s before doing things that would only close your program on windows. Anyway, I haven’t seen much of anything in the making for Apple lately. Every time I hear something about Apple its well their new iPhone will, well I tent to stop people there. Because really the next iPhone will what do something that’s been done and say it’s new. Not to say anything bad seeing that I was thinking about getting a mac at the beginning of the year I was just waiting for the new MacBook to come out. Then I saw that Apple locked everything down. No replacing the hard drive the ram or anything, if something happens you need a new one not a replacement part. Now I know Apple things that its computers are perfect but, they aren’t nothing human made is perfect, macs crash, they have viruses, and they break you’re not special. So come on Apple do something new that would make me like you a little.

That is it for now hope everyone has a blessed, awesome day, thanks for reading share, like, or comment below on what you like or dislike, and I will be writing to you again soon.


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