Apple VS Samsung Has Apple Really Won?

Apple has dealt a blow to Samsung in the recent lawsuit, but who has really won in the end? Samsung has to pay a billion dollars, and just like a true tech head, has well trolled Apple by paying the full sum in five cent coins, its already hard to count a million counts, but a billion dollars’ worth is going to be a bit hard on apples part. But I mention is only because I can’t even imagine how Samsung would managed to come up with a billion dollars in coins lol, I’m kidding of course this didn’t actually happen but would have been awesome if it did.

Anyway to the main point I see this win on Apples part as a bigger loss than a win. Reason being is why they were suing in the first place, in my view and it may just be me, but this has put Apples blood in the water so to speak. How I see it is Apple has just locked their design down, they can no long change it simply because everyone has done everything else and the instant they decide to change their design. Every small and big company that has anything like their new design will be coming out and going after them, after all Apple has just showed them  that it is something that they could win over, if they sue.

Actually to be honest I think that its already about to start, with Google already in the middle of a battle with them, Apple is going down a pretty rocky road. Yes Apple is a huge company, but its not as big as its main competitor Microsoft who hasn’t even gotten in on attacking Apple lately. And I do know that law suites are mostly won by the money and right now it may seem that apple has the upper hand because they beat a company that makes well everything. However, that also means they can no longer expand into making things like, TV’s without Samsung, LG, and GE, the big dogs in smart TVs, going after them.

Now I don’t like apple but I don’t want to see them go out of business, for one reason without Apple there wouldn’t be a galaxy s series which was created mainly to one up the IPhone and I love my galaxy S II. It does one up the iPhone in every way and with Google now on it, sorry apple you can’t say Google ripe siri. Cause I speak quickly and I have a low voice that most voice searches just give me hell for, but I have had one mistake so far, and that was it wrote oak instead of old. So best of wishes to you Apple but your bloods in the water and everyone will be coming for a taste soon.

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