AutoCAD is used in many fields of design work, from designing buildings to parts. It is extremely useful but that’s not the point, the point is it’s not something you would want to do for any amount of time at all. I started studying AutoCAD because I thought it would be fun. I was very wrong, though it is easy to use and can make very useful diagrams and blue prints. It is by far the most boring program I have ever used all you see is lines and numbers, which at first is fine. The problem with this comes about an hour after starting a drawing and you have a few hundred lines in the drawing, and you take a break. When you come back looking at the drawing makes you want to just smash your computer.

because the fact hits you that one you have no clue where to get back to work from and two there is so many lines and dimensions and you’re not even close to being done. But I guess that’s why its work because even though the end result is something very useful the process of making it is not anything anyone will happily do.

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