Balloon Ride EX3

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The Exercise was to use the displayed picture to write a short scene leading up to a plot twist, i think i did a good job.

I could feel the heat from the balloons as I walk closer towards my friends, I could smell the heat as it drifted from the balloons all around me. This would be my first time going up in a hot air balloon and I was a bit worried, well more scared than worried. I watched as my best friend climbed into the balloon, he was a tour guide and was the reason I was doing this in the first place. He said I need to get away from all the things that worried me, which I didn’t understand what he meant by that I had no problems to worry about in my life.

I soon found myself being helped into the balloon, I stood to my feet and turn to my friend he smiled at me and pulled the string sending the flame into the balloon. “Here we go.” He said as the balloon lifted from the ground, I looked over the sides as we lifted into the air higher and higher. The other balloons on the ground soon began to lift from the ground one by one; it was such a beautiful sight. As we rose high in the sky I looked out at the other balloons rising into the sky with the golden sun set behind them, I could understand why he enjoyed his job so much. To look out on such a beautiful sight everyday must be wonderful.

I turned to him “Wow this is amazing I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life its wonderful up here. Thank you for making me do this.” He looked back at me with a strange look on his face, then turned and looked over the side of the balloon. “Well we all just wanted your last memory to be a good on is all.” He said, as he reached for something on the side of the basket. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked but he just looked at me, then pulled a backpack over his back and leaped from the balloon.

I looked over the side only to watch as a parachute opens, what’s going on my mind started racing, is this a prank? I look around the balloon for a way to lad it I saw the down string and pulled it. The string detached with a piece of paper on it. I looked at it and there was something written on it.

“Your life is unfair you have been a success at everything you have ever tried and its time you failed at something for the first and last time, there is no one down the balloon will continue to rise until you can’t breathe. And if by some chance, you do live until the fuel runs out the balloon will fall and you will die. Sorry we had to do this to you but we need you gone.”

I looked around the basket for something that could help me get out of this predicament, but there was nothing but the flame thrower that was stuck in the on passion. I looked over the sides of the balloon. “I have never failed at anything in my life and I’m not starting now.” I grabbed the side of the basket took a deep breath and hurled myself over the side. “No one decides when it’s my time to die but me and I’m not dyeing to day.”

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