Can’t sleep lost in thought

Today I am confused for the first time As to what I want to write about. I keep thinking but I just have no clue what to write it’s not writes block or anything like that I mean I can write if Want to but I don’t want to. Because that feeling I got when I use to write is gone and I have no clue why it is, or how to get that feeling back. So right now I have my old songs I use to listen to when I wrote playing and just writing this seeing if something will come to me as I write. But nothing is coming to me, my music just keeps going faster and faster, but unlike  before I’m not typing faster or even going faster my thoughts are still the same just drifting and wondering what I should do.
Well let’s see what else can I write about, oh I know I’m writing all this from my phone and oddly enough I am going almost as fast as fast as I would if I was typing this up on my computer. It’s mostly thanks to the new Swype beta keyboard keeping up much better than the built-in keyboard and the normal Swype keyboard that the phone came with. ( gotta love rooted phones) Just had the most random thought I think I’m typing as fast as that video of the world record for texting but then again my keyboard is much bigger and my phone is just filling in words trying to keep up with my fingers lol. ( it just got confused telling me it doesn’t understand something I just typed)
Well it’s pretty late and I’m sure I have to do something in the morning, so I guess I will figure out what I want to write another day or more likely another night. But who knows maybe it will come to me while I sleep, just floating by in the darkness that I call sleep. ( and everyone wonders why I don’t like to sleep, who would if it’s just darkness and no dreams.) And now I know I’m  just rambling about random stuff that’s flying through my head seeing if my phone can keep up with my randomness lol, and it is .(love my phone 😛 )
Peace out had to do it God bless.

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