Jul 09

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Changing Hats

Ok so I spent the past two weeks on various planets getting my stories put together, then edited, and then published. Now it’s time to change over my skills for a little while, so I’m going to be doing some web design and inventor work for a few days before getting back to finishing up the third book in the cursed heroes series. By the way, one day left in the eBook give away on amazon for Cursed Heroes, The Beginnings.

I watched a few TED videos last week and decided I wanted to go back and do a few prototypes, haven’t done any since my car design last year and I feel like I should do a few more. Well at least do some of the ones that are sketches, in my books. So today I will be going back and doing some basic models to get my skills back up and get use to the changes in inventor before starting on my designs. I will also be updating bigwillinc.com today. I know I keep saying I will and never getting around to it but I am today seeing that I have taken a bit of a break to spend here on earth in a sense. I will add links later on today of what I did in inventor today.

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