Cloud Atlas Review


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Cloud Atlas

Cloud AtlasI just finished watching Cloud Atlas, and I had to write something about it but for some reason I am at a loss for words. Which is just odd, but I will try to review this movie. I was going to watch it a week ago but it looked like it was just another flick, with random shooting and time travel. But I was sooo wrong, and maybe the first time in years I am happy that I was.

This movie was amazing, It took longer than I expected to get into but once I did I was lost, the multiple story lines that were so unrelated but at the same time they seem to go perfectly hand in hand as if they were the same story told by different people. Moreover, the ending was just perfect; it pulled everything in the movie together.

Acting and locations were all awesome, though I think the acting was the main high light of this movie and from the places in this movie and how they were used it didn’t take anything at all away from the story. Anyway watch this movie, take some time out to watch it and don’t watch it while your tired its just about 3 hours long, and every minute is worth watching.

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