Day Of Planning


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Well it’s been a long day today that I have spent, not really doing much mostly I have been thinking about my life and where I need to be in the next few weeks, then months, and hopefully year from now. I say hopefully because I can’t predict exactly what will happen and so it’s hard to say. This may seem pretty normal for most people but it’s not for me I don’t plan things out, I do spend time doing things hoping for a result yes but never really planning what’s next. For me I usually plan my next move once the results for the first are in.

Anyway planning was a pretty nice though new thing for me that I might start to do more often, or less often however it works I’m not sure yet. What I was planning is what was next in my writing career, what I want to do with it, and how I want to do it. So first think is first I want to get my books that have been just laying on my computer for years finished or rewritten and published. I do publish my work myself without help from a publishing company, a very pains taking process that takes a lot of my time. And some might ask why take all that time to do the layout for the book, the cover, the formatting of the text, and everything else. Well because I want to, simple reason right? Writing is my only talent, yes, it really is, everything else I can do comes from copying the skills of someone I have been around. Therefore, I don’t consider them to be my skills but someone else’s that I have learned to use.

Nevertheless, back to the point at hand why do it all my self; the thing is writing is my talent and everything else are my hobbies, the web design and book stuff is all stuff that takes my mind of writing so I can relax and come up with new ideas. The other reason is I really don’t want to be a signed author, the point of all my writing is to be different to stay true to who I am whether or not people like what my stories show. However, not just that, I started writing to make people smile or just as an escape when people read my work. Because of this is why most of the stories are on my site to be read without having to buy anything.

Well anyway, I have planned a lot of updating to my site writing new stories even trying to finish one of my novels before years end. So hopefully if all goes as planned I will be releasing something new every month from now. I will be running all my books in eBook and paperback the eBook’s will be out one to two weeks before the paper back and the first week it will be free of charge.

That is it for today hope everyone has a blessed, awesome day, thanks for reading share like or comment below on what you like or dislike, and I will be writing to you again soon.

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