Dying Is Easy Living Isn’t


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Dying is  easy it takes work to live, I saw that on an anime a while back, and I still can’t get out of my head. So today my thought of the day is on the point, life truly is harder to live than it is to die. It’s always changing and many things happen that we don’t expect or see coming, I know this for a face because  I spend a large amount of time trying to predict what will happen and no matter how good I get at it I am still caught off gaud once in a while.

It does take a lot of work to live everyday compared to just dying, after all you simply don’t do anything and you will die. So why live if it’s so much harder than dying, well my answer is life is fun, no matter how hard it gets there is still good if you want to see it, though it may not always be right in front of you, there still is good that makes it worth it.

And I do remember a something I wrote about once that was nothing worth having comes easy and it is so true. Because life is well, its life it’s hard and fun, there’s ups and downs, but if there weren’t then would life really be worth living. And that’s why my thought for today is simple dying is easy living isn’t but it’s worth it.

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