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Failed at writing today

Woke up at like 7 fully planning on writing a bunch today. I was aiming at writing maybe 4000 words or two chapters before I stopped but that failed horribly. I have no clue why I’m in such a bad writing mood lately its not like I’m not getting anything written when I do write […]


Mostly cloudy lol

Florida is awesome with the rain lol Posted from phone

Awake to long

I’ve been up 40 hours stright and hardly eaten in that time to. Posted from phone

Going to be a long day

Woke up and it’s already 86 degrees in my room, which my not seen to bad but for me it sucks to the point where it stops me from eating. Now it’s time to head to work, and standing is making my head spin. But you know it’s not ask bad this week, I’m finishing […]

Heat MS bad bay

Today i found out first hand why heat is bad for me, well why heat messes with my body. Was actually not bad to say the least though i can’t say I want to do it again, or atleast any time soon. Anyway what happened was I went in the tube today, I wanted to […]


Has any one else seen incredible crew on cartoon network ahhh i saw two minutes of this trash now my head hurts and I feel dumber for it. Why why why was this show made someone really needs to kick cartoon Newtown in gear all three New sites are so crappy.


I’m in a very odd mood today, I turned 22 a few days ago and now im just very annoyed by my life. Anywwy I am thinking about the things that have happened to me over the past few years mostly last year and the begging of this year. So now I wonder what I […]

Start treck

I love the Borg. Their bosses lol, their answer to everything it’s we are Borg. How do you go against that lol, you don’t cause we ate Borg resistance is useless.


Believing in everything at the same time is the same as believing in nothing at all.

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