Getting things done


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Today was a very long day, and the massive head ache just made it seem so much long. But at least I got some stuff done, did some work on my sites this one not so much but I updated a bit I just have to choses the right look for it which I am still having trouble deciding on. After that I sent some time working on the format for my book and updating it so I can get the last proof copy and be done with it. I even worked on my short story some though it was not as much as I had planned to do in the first place but it was something.  I also tried to make an eBook which didn’t go so well, formatting kept getting messed up so I will just be doing it with the word doc instead on InDesign.

So if all goes well by the end of next week I should have a new category on this site and on for the books I have finished. And it will be the first thing I have started and finished all the way threw and hopefully with God’s help it won’t be the last. Anyway I will be starting back my thought of the day tomorrow and I will make sure I keep it up.


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