Give Away and Updates


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Starting Monday I will be doing an eBook give away on amazon for all my books, one every Monday through Friday for four weeks. Reason is because I want to get my work to as many people as possible and I want to have a few ratings on my amazon for all my books. I haven’t set the schedule as yet but I will later on today and then post it on all my sites with the link to each book.

Let’s see what else; Ten Thousand walks is currently on its second post, but I have written up to chapter three in my note book so I will be typing up a little more of it after I am finished with this. Hopefully I can think of something for the cover soon, so I can start making some test covers.

Last thing is I am working on a few posters depending on how they look I will be having them up on my site for sale. Anyway hope everyone enjoys their day; I will be working on Ten Thousand Walks a little more for a while.

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