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Greed, it’s a very powerful thing that’s why it will be my focus for my first thought of the day for this year. Oddly enough I didn’t plan on writing my thought of the day for a few more weeks but I just had to. After the past two weeks watching the news and looking at what alot of sites are saying I just had to say something.

Greed makes us do things that we would never do just to gain more, and not because we need to but because we want more and more. But want alone doesn’t make greed but wanting and going after something at the cost to others. but I have seen greed back fire so often and even when it doesn’t back fire nothing good ever comes of it. In the end something always comes back around that’s much more than what they gain or would have gained. I have the perfect example of this and it happened the past few months and back firead this week funny enough I saw this coming.

Anyway what I’m talking about is the recent IP bill that failed to pass, today I got an email for flordia cenator trying to explain his actions as to why he went alone with the bill in the first place but that’s not really the point. It was how this all came to happening it was just out of greed that meadia industry tried to take control on the internet. Blinded by they greed the pushed this bill everywhere until it was almost passed. If they had succesed they would have gained a small amout of movie goers and maybe half a million more copies of moves sold each year and that’s over guessing. Cause honestily anyone I know that downloads movies do it not to uses it to get money but just cause. Bad reason but most of them still go see movies and buy movies I know I do all the time. And music and books well I buy books all the time most aren’t for me but still I do. Music well I do sometimes but really as of the past few years music has been going down hill sorry to say.

Anyway back to the point the fact is 20 or so million a year might have been added to the media industry. But now it will cost them that maybe more in a month because of their actions, first thing that happened was last week the net black out protest, was a big blow to the industry,  thousands of sites all protesting and millions of supporters booth online and protesting in person. Talk about bad publicity, even on CNN there was a short comment from an expert say they need to get the point now, after all the big name sites have gone easy on them.

Well just as it all seems to be dyeing down, another protest is back on in reaction to the rumor of the bill might be reworked to go on strike once again for a month. But this time the strike is to all media. Now I’m not an expert but I think 10 million people all skipping one movie or not buying a book or movie or CD, will cost more than 20 million in to the industry. Goes to show, all out of greed they tried too hard to control others and because of it, it will cost them more then they lose if they had just let it all be.

Anyway join the strike if you like its all March no buying any media.

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