I’m Going To The Darkside lol


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Yeah I know that writing shows a part of who you are or what’s been on your mind but sometimes I wonder where some of the stuff I write comes from I mean I am a very passive person. I mean the sight of blood makes me want to pass out. And I realize that I do have a few odd and twisted sides to myself but none of them has ever been well scary. Well I just finished looking over the last story I finished, and wow is it dark. Here is the first quote I pulled out

My face relaxed as every emotion drifted from it. “100 present activation. I am the darkness that consumes the light I am that which flows to every corner of reality consuming all that is in my path. For I am the darkness that ran from the light of creation, now I am returned to feed upon that which was created.”

I wrote that on my phone when I was at work or just waiting on something, and when I read it today it was actually surprised by it, even more it was one of two things I didn’t have to change any words in. the second one actually just creped me out  seeing that I didn’t remember writing it to begin with.

“Ha Ha Ha, The Brothers Will, we protect all those who cannot protect them self. What foolishness we are the most powerful beings in this universe, why should we help those pitiful insects. No I will not comply with you any more I will consume everything, they are but nothing to me but my food. I will rip their souls from their bodies I will turn their planets dark and consume the stars, nothing will stop me not even you brother!” The Voice came from the darkness and echoed out, booming dark and menacing.

Ok where did that come from I mean wow, I know I have been in a lot of pain lately but really where did that come from, I am in pain not angry. But oh well I am almost done with the new Cursed Heroes book, Cursed Heroes, Dark Side. Which will be a bit darker than my norm, but the whole point behind this one is that those with great power can do great harm even with good intentions so one must always be careful.

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