Internet on strike

This week has been very interesting so far, so much has happened in the online world. I even took part in the stick and balked out the sites I own, which is the first time I have ever done something like that seeing that I really never take part in strikes or things of the sort. But I took part this time signed petitions and sent out emails, because really this bill will destroy the internet as we know it and it won’t stop anything. But the part that actually got me so mad is that the media industry and industry who’s grossing profits are nothing compared to the grossing profits of business that are run online, Want to control the internet.

What’s funny about this whole thing is that if this law actually passes the ones that will take the biggest hit is the entertainment industry. For one people will go on strike, causing major losses much bigger than people downloading movies. But then sites that do movie reviews and have clips of movies will all go offline. And personally I don’t go see a movie unless I watch a few clips and read what non critics say about the movie, and I know there are a lot of people who are the same. And even if no one goes on strike that fact that so many sites that many people go to, to check put what a movie is like before going to see it or renting it will no longer exist, will have a large impact on movie sales, well in all actuality this will affect the entire media industry.

Last think I have to say about this is don’t mess with something you didn’t make, the media industry make movies, music, books and so on, they are programs, webmasters, anything of the kind.  So why are they trying to mess with something they didn’t make, I mean you don’t see webmasters directing movies or programmers writing movie scripts. So just leave things to those who know what they are doing and we will leave you to make your media.

Something I think the large media companies pushing this bill should look at, for 24 hours the largest infuses on online media spoke up Google- the largest search engine on the net, Wikipedia – the largest collection of knowledge in the world, and Word press – the largest blog site on the net, just to name a few. But they are not just the largest influence on online media but on media, news and many other things, what happens if the shutdown. Or what happens if the pull from the US. The share impact of that alone could change media in the US as we know it.

Protect ip act

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