Journal entry for September 3

It’s yet another they living with MS, the controls in my hands is back to almost normal. There’s not very much pain anymore considering that at the beginning of the week it felt like my skin was being torn off. Still feels very odd my hands feel like there always tingling or moving or touching something that’s not even there; it gets to be very very frustrating. It sucks most in the morning during the afternoons, when I just wake up my hands can barely move, and by the afternoons my hands burned because they been moving so much in their just so tired from open all day.

It really sucks but when am I going to do actually did everything I can, and painkillers don’t even do anything anymore. These past two days it’s been giving me an extremely bad headache, I think it’s because they require so much focus to move my entire body all at once that it’s giving me a headache after a while. Which really sucks, seeing that if I use my computer for half an hour even if I’m sitting down and not doing anything else my head starts to pound.

So I’m going to be changing my diet, I already started to change in my exercise habits well actually get exercise habit is more like it. I’m hoping it helps with the pain, help me get my control back, and help me feel better in general. Maybe I should drink some coffee I haven’t had any in the couple days and normally have coffee every day. That helped me feel better most of the time, well it gets rid of the headaches most of the time but right now I don’t feel like getting up at all. My head hurts that much that I can’t even move properly, and even the voice recognition program is starting to have trouble understanding me.


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