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black red flashes

Living with MS can really suck sometimes, for me pain is nothing new and its actually very easy to deal with. But its the unusual pain that I can’t deal with. Like today I lay down and it begins my insides feel like they are being pulled out wrapped around a knife and stabbed back […]

Day 2

I spent the whole day in bed today I was so tired. Working this holiday season was just way to much and I really needed to sleep. Which worked in a sence seeing that I didn’t last night cause I was in pain. I might be stuck taking pain killers just to be in an […]

Failed at writing today

Woke up at like 7 fully planning on writing a bunch today. I was aiming at writing maybe 4000 words or two chapters before I stopped but that failed horribly. I have no clue why I’m in such a bad writing mood lately its not like I’m not getting anything written when I do write […]

Journal entry for September 25

I bought a new TV last week and it finally got here yesterday and I was a bit shocked because I underestimated the size. Get a 42 inch TV to replace a 24 inch TV, seeing that I thought it was a 32 inch TV because I didn’t want to measure in at the time […]

September 4 random journal

Let’s see actually did a bit of correcting off my work today, was actually a lot easier than it was yesterday. Which is pretty good seeing that I will get really annoyed if it wasn’t getting easier to do. Even writing these blog posts are taking less and less time, boys recognition program still has […]

Journal entry for September 3

It’s yet another they living with MS, the controls in my hands is back to almost normal. There’s not very much pain anymore considering that at the beginning of the week it felt like my skin was being torn off. Still feels very odd my hands feel like there always tingling or moving or touching […]

Getting back into things

It’s been about a week since I started to do something about getting the controls of my hand. And it’s slow it’s actually starting to come back, but I still can’t time. So I’m using the voice command program, which is actually working out pretty well. Better than I thought, it would actually, runs a […]

Using voice recognition program

  Honestly, I don’t know what the write right now, but this program seems to work pretty well so for now I’ll just see what I can think of. I haven’t done any of the training as of yet but I am going to still use it to see works. So far, it hasn’t made […]

Long Day And Poem

Yeah the title of this post show say it all. In a nut shell it has been a very long day today not great or well good for that matter. Some pain in my body oh joy I know, wasn’t to bad. I didn’t write anything today which  is a bit odd cause I wanted […]

Going to be a long day

Woke up and it’s already 86 degrees in my room, which my not seen to bad but for me it sucks to the point where it stops me from eating. Now it’s time to head to work, and standing is making my head spin. But you know it’s not ask bad this week, I’m finishing […]

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