Key To Success

Being the person I am addicted to knowledge of any kind, it is quite latterly my drug. I learn more and more always wanting to know what everyone else knows and why they believe what they do and compare it to what I believe to see which is better. In that spirit I have read, and head many things on success, but oddly enough those are not the reason I am a success in my eyes. After achieving almost every goal, I have ever set for myself; I can’t say with all honesty that all those things I got from everyone have helped me get here.

Though I have to say most of it is good advice that would help some people but not really for me. So let me give you may way which seems to be simpler than anything I have come across so far. They are three simple things that have lead me to my success, goals, hard work, and school, if I said that I would be lying, though these are all good things that help most people they weren’t what got me here. So here it is, pray, blind luck, and knowing one thing, and that thing is very important, the other two don’t actually work without it. That one thing you must know is yourself, and I don’t mean knowing what you want or anything like that, but know what makes you, well you. What makes you different from everyone else, what makes you special and stand out.

Before I gave the reason why you need to know this I will tell you how I found who I am. Its actually not that hard just forget about everything for a moment, forget all your goals all the things that are expected of you, everything. Just clear it all out, your drive too, the reason you want those things, just let it all flow out of your mind. Now think on everything in your life, that you have done, the things that went along with your goals, the things that didn’t, the things you did on a whim, and everything that stands out in your memories. Now what do they all have in common, why did you do them what makes those memories stand out so much from everything else.

For me it is being different, every memory in my mind that stands out is of me going against the expected, doing what I was told I couldn’t, I wasn’t driven to do them or even had them as goals, but still they stand out more than my goals. That is who I am, the unknown, the unexpected, the different. Once I knew this, my life became much different I no longer fought against who I was to achieve my goals but instead used who I was to achieve them.

Now you might be the person that makes everyone laugh, wants to be number one it doesn’t really matter what makes you you, but what does matter is how you make that work for you. Use who you are as a way to achieve what you want, use it as your drive when you want to quit, use it as the courage to quiet and risk it all for something different. In everything, you do stay true to it, be funny in everything if that’s you, be number one, or like me be different from what’s expected.

Staying true to your self will make you happy, but most of all it will let you get up and do something else. I have failed at many things in my life but no matter how badly I have failed and wanted to give up, I have stayed true to who I am and it has caused me to just try a different way  as long as I was true to myself and I have still felt like a success. So my thought for today is know who you are, stay true to it and you will always be a success, for the first step in being a great success is feeling successful.

That is it for now hope everyone has a blessed, awesome day, thanks for reading share, like, or comment below on what you like or dislike, and I will be writing to you again soon.

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