Knowing one’s desires


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Staying on track has proven to be very hard, but it has thought me a few things. Last week I have been doing my best to stay on track and do everything I have in my task manager and well now they are more red past due ones than I thought there would be. Well actually there is more red than anything else, and it showed me what I see as important enough to do first before it can be past due. Oddly enough it’s the one thing I thought I would be putting off all the time my writing. I don’t mean doing my blog because that is past due but I have been doing five pages of writing a day. Well correcting my old work and writing some new things to add up to five pages each day. I thought that after missing the first day because I felt too sick to think straight that I would never catch back up but I did. Well I didn’t just catch up I did more than I had planned to do in the first place, even doing it every day for the five pages. I did 30 pages instead of the 25 that I had planned to do.

I learned a lot this past week about what is important to me and what I really enjoy doing from making plans and checking off the ones I do and only checking them off as I do them. Even being reminded to do things every hour by my phone didn’t make me do the ones I didn’t see as important any more than if I had just wrote them down on a piece of paper or on my wall. This has made me think of something, that it’s important to know what we want in life and what is important to us. For me I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember even though at first I didn’t know what it was I just wanted to tell stories to people as a young child, it shows how much it is a part of me. And it shows in everything I do and how I do them to, so I know what I want but not really sure as to what to do but write so until then I will write.

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