life is a reflection of choices

Your life, my life, everyone’s life is a reflection of the choices that we make. Not only the large and difficult choices that we make but also the simple ones that we make every day. Theses choices not only impact us but how other people see us as well, and even though it may seem as though some of the choices that we make have no impact on how we appear to others, but it does have an impact it’s just hard to see sometimes. Let me point one out that most people over look every day, your cloth and I do not mean what brand or how much they cost or even where you got them, but I mean how a person wears them. Take for example a red t-shirt and blue jeans of the same kind. Now picture two different people wearing them, first you may think well then they will look the same. As we, all know that even if two people wear the exact same thing they will look different because they will wear them differently, one could have their paints low on their waste shirt hanging out over the pants, and the other could have the pants on his waste and t-shirt tucked in nice and neat. Theses to people though they have the exact same thing on, the way it is worn say everything and even show the type of person that they have.

With that being said, my thought of the day is be care full of the choices you make especially the little ones. Because every choice has an impact, on who we are and how others see us. I actually found a very simple manner of making simple choices so that they have the wanted effected on how you appear to others and it is only to simple questions. Question one what effect do you want this choices to have? Two is what you’re picking having that effect? If not then you might not want to go that way on the choice.


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