Secret Life of Pets Movie Review

If you like animated movies this is a must see movie. I’m a big Pixar fan but this time they out did themselves. So I decided that even though I haven’t done a review for a move in a while I would start doing them again.

I’m not going to tell you about how heartwarming or insight full this movie was because really that wasn’t what made this movie great. This movie was actually funny and fun to watch and I don’t mean slap stick funny but actually funny and kids would get the joke to. It being funny wasn’t the only thing that made it a good movie, but how it was made was what made it better. First it wasn’t trying to be too realistic but they didn’t make it to cartoon and didn’t give any of the animal’s human characteristics. Which in turn made it more believe and funny at the same time. So for design I give it five stars because it looked the way it should without making the animals too human but still able to talk, but at the same time interacting with each other in a way you would expect your pets to interact.

Next was the story and acting, in animated movies acting isn’t as important as the voice matching the characters they’re playing. If they don’t match the movie just seems off in a strange way like something doesn’t belong.  And they nailed it, each pet had a voice to match it almost perfectly and the personality of the pets showed from the voice alone. Combining these voices with the movement and acting of the pets, told a story that kept you watching the whole movie. So I am giving the acting and storytelling five stars.

And last was just how the movie felt seeing that they are no special effects in animated movies because everything is already animating. I’m going to rate this on the way each charterer looked and acted combined with the voice. Some pets were just like their owners and others were exact opposite of them, which if you have had pets you know that’s exactly how it works. My first bog was exact opposite of me and the current one is almost an exact copy of me and dog form. Combine that with the fact that the pets were barking when the humans heard them but most of the time they weren’t trying to talk to the humans in the movie but talking to each other ignoring them was great. On top of that there weren’t many humans in the movie, it’s a good thing to seeing that it’s a movie about the life of pets, which would be bad if humans were all over in the movie

My final thoughts on this movie is it’s a great movie to watch with the family or just for laughs and there are jokes for everyone from kids to adults. If you have kids watch it if you just like animated movies you can’t miss this one. And after watching this movie I see why I had to say all the way in the front of the theater just to get a seat, but it was so worth it. I can wait for the sequel to come out in 2018.


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