May Fifth


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Today was yet again one of does days where being sick destroys my plans for half the day. Well the first half of the day was productive enough, not as productive as I wanted it to be but it was still pretty good. So I started the day by thinking over my stories and, then one of the poems I wrote the journey, and the race that wrote it. I decided to create the breakdown for that race today and I did I took some time and just thought about the race then I wrote it down, the race is called the Sorn.

Once that was all done I did a bit of work on the site and clean up even thing just to make sure that there weren’t any errors due to my site going up and down for most of the day two days ago. Once that was finished, I read a bit of my story that I am working on and then my day just kind of went downhill from there.

Everything made me so annoyed for no reason to the point where it was starting to be depressing. I know it’s from having MS because I’m not a person that  takes things to heart to be annoyed by them very easy. Day never got better I ended up being up till around 3 before I was able to calm my mind enough to fall asleep, which sucks cause I was up at sun rise.

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