May First

Well today, I had planned to start the Better web project but after toying with the screen casting program and seeing all the things that were possible, I am holding off for a bit until I learn the program a bit more so until then project is on hold. But, any way I have been submitting the press release for my book that I finished yesterday to a few more places and looking for good out lets to submit them to. Hopefully it will start generating some sales as a result, I have also added my completed poem book to my amazon widget and will be talking a bit more about that one once it’s up on Google preview so you can get a look inside.

I finish cleaning up my computer and organized my sticky notes, to make it easier for me to see what I have to do still. And on that note I am writing almost every day again, though it’s not always on what I want it to on it is still on something. I will be doing my best to finish up my stories for the second book in the Cursed Heroes series and my first full-length novel, which needs a lot of work done to it from what I have now. So wish me luck on that, I am still also trying to update the Mow Universe site though I haven’t had the time I need to do it in but I plan on setting aside sometime this week to do it. And on that note, I say good night it’s time to get started on the updates.

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