May Fourth


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So today was a pretty good day actually, I got a lot of writing done, had to do a bit more than I planned this morning. Seeing that I was in too much pain to do anything at all last night I couldn’t even see straight loll. So I did my journal post this morning, then I spent some time working on my blog post for the day. After that I spent a while just walking around thinking. Trying to do that more it’s really helping me sort things out in my mind before I write.

I sat down and wrote, for a while, though I didn’t get all that much written I did end up with a much better story line now. Because I spent some time thinking about what I was going to write before I even sat down and though about writing anything. Oh, side of awesome new my poem book is done and up on Google book preview will be adding it on here for you to see tomorrow . That’s it for now following this post is a list of things I worked on that’s not on this site if you feel like taking a look.

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