May Second


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Today was a very good day I started it off with doing some writing on here about why I write and what it actually means for me. After that, I spent some time thinking about my stories and the universe I created. I haven’t done that in a while and I need to more often, just sit back for a little while and let my imagination wonder threw the worlds for some time. It really helps when I am working on a story later on it flows much better, even though most of the time, what I was thinking about and the story I work on are different.

After that, I spent some time working on the MOW Universe site, I changed the logo and updated World Around Us. I really liked that poem to I don’t remember when I why I even wrote it but it is one of the few poems I do like that I have written. Maybe it’s because it seems like it was written by someone else to me oh well. I didn’t change much of the logo I just added in dots so instead of it being MOW Universe its M.O.W Universe, I also darken the litters just a bit. But overall, it’s the same logo just updated.

Oh and last but not least I wrote a bit on the story Cold As Ice, it’s just about at the half way marker to being completed. Well really, the story itself is just about at the half way mark it still has to be edited and Prof Read and edited again before it will be completed. But that process does not take as long as the actual writing process but it still takes time. Well that’s all for now I’m off to do a bit of work on MOW for a few minutes then it’s off to bed for the night.

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