May Seventeenth


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Well I didn’t do anything on my site today but work on the huge list of 404 errors that I have on there, I need to do some everyday instead of waiting till it reminds me to because it’s starting to get out of hand . Anyway, I did some writing for my church no audio editing just wasn’t in my right state of mind, which sucks. I did do the logo and choses the them for site which I’m planning on working on soon so that I can start the web tutorials.

I didn’t do much else today besides work on simple things, I looked up a few bookstores that I have to find time to visit and see if they will list my book. I’m hoping they do that would be amazing if they all do but I’m hoping for one for now that would be awesome. Oh yeah I talked to  my dad about the book he wants to write or well wrote and wants to finish, so I will help him with that in the next few months. I am planning on spending a few days and finishing my second book soon. I have no real idea about the cover as of yet but hopeful I get an idea for it soon. This one will be called Cursed Heroes The Beginning, and it will be the second volume of the cursed heroes series. Below is my post from today as normal.

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