May Seventh


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Not a very even full day more of a relaxing day trying to keep form ended up stressed out again like I was over the week end. I didn’t write anything but the same thing I do every weekday for my church (Daily Guide Post Make or Break). I did a bit of work on my site and thought a bit about what I need to write for MOW so I can add a few things.

Well on the sixth, there was the first leak for android 4.0, better known as ice cream sandwich for my phone from T-Mobile. Granted I have been running and ICS rom for almost a month now it did suck seeing that it was based on the AT&T version of my phone. The leak came out and a Darkside rom was updated with it so I thought I would try it, though I loved the way my rom looked it wasn’t all that stable. I’m glad I did it’s much more stable not and everything works though at first it didn’t look very different from the version of android before. That was until I found the theme that made it all blue again my favorite color.

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