May 06

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May Sixth

Today was a pretty odd day, spent most of it I kind of a lost state trying to figure out what was wrong. After I came home from church, I did a blog post, which took a lot longer than normal to write, maybe due to the fact that my mind was not in a state that I’m very use to. Then I finally turned back on my phone it had been off since it died in the night and I just didn’t feel like turning it back on at all.

I did go see The Avengers, and though I was really well, I’m not sure the movie was awesome. Funny thing I went for five and ended up seeing  it at 8 because they were sold out so fast I didn’t even buy my tickets in the line I was waiting in instead I bought them while waiting. Few minutes later, I got to the front of the line and they were sold out until 10:45.

After watching that movie I was in a much better mood, I mean it was funny and full of action, by the end of the movie I was happy it took so long to come out it was well worth the wait. For anyone who is a fan of marvel, go see it because they had everything in this movie than any fan could want. I love the random quotes that they had also especially captain Americas “There’s only one God I know of and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that” so if you haven’t seen it you should that’s all for tonight.

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