May Tenth


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Today was not what I would call even full I did some writing and a lot of thinking again. For some reason I have been getting stuck in thought a lot lately I’m not sure why I may be getting worst but I hope not. So anyway I did some work on the sites because they were finally back up and they had a few load errors so I refreshed everything and dropped anything unnecessary, I need to make sure that there were no errors when the server was moved and they were not.

After I check all my sites, I went and wrote a bit for both my site and my churches site. I thought about the better web project and what is needed and started to get a few links together to help everyone out not to mention figuring out what and how long the videos will be once I do make them. So now, all that’s really left is to figure out how to use the program so I can start doing the videos.

That was it for today below is my list of things I worked on today and yesterday when the site was down:

Learn from the good and bad
Daily Guide Post Friends Against You When God Is For You,
Daily Guide Post Alpha and Omega,
Why Should I Come Down,

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