May Third


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Well today was not one of my best days to say the least, so let’s see I did get some  stuff done in the morning. I did a blog post and spent some time working on the MOW site, a few things on it such as commenting and some of the things at the bottom weren’t showing up but. Fixed all of those but I didn’t update any of the content as I thought I would. Reason being is because i was in too much pain by the end of the day.

All I wanted to do at the end of the day was just die I was in really too much pain and crappy thing is there is nothing for me to take to help with the pain. I have actually taken so much of everything that nothing works anymore meaning I have to deal with the pain. Oh well that’s over with now and I am trying to make up for what I missed yesterday. First I am doing my journal which I set aside time at the end of each day to write but couldn’t yesterday. I don’t even remember yesterday very much so oh well.

Oh, I started interlinking this site with the MOW Universe site and will be doing the same when is back up and running hopefully that will be in about a week. Well that was my day hopefully it’s a better day today.

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