Mind Lost

I actually had a few things planned for today but now it’s all down the drain now. This is by far the worst part about being sick. The inability to control your own mind sucks, much more than not being able to control your body, especially when you go from a person that was always in control of their mind. anyway,  Most of the stuff I had planned to write and work on today I can no longer do because my mind is currently stuck wondering for thought to thought. It’s even hard to hold a thought in my head long enough to finish writing a sentence, and even as I write this I’m making mistakes like not hitting the space bar, and spelling simple words wrong like “writing”.

Well today I was going to restart one of the projects that I started last year but never really took it seriously, my better web project that was aimed at helping anyone that wanted to start a site them self. In addition, have it be as good as one that they would have paid to have built. Even though I am not starting it today, I will talk about it a bit. The project will show how to build a self-hosted website using Word press platform. Then show you how to make it safe from most hacking attacks, then how you can make it easy to use and most importantly load fast.

The project will not be on this site but on bigwillinc.com, the reason for that is because I don’t want to have this site have too many different things. It will also be a screen cast so it’s much easier to understand and which is the reason I am not able to do it today because I would need to talk and explain what I’m doing as I do it, which I currently can’t do seeing that I can’t talk and type at the same time at the moment. Well I will try to get everything together and hopefully start tomorrow well till then I’m going to try getting control of my mind back.

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