Mirror Mirror


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I haven’t done a movie review in a while but I want to again. I use to do it for every movie I watched because for some reason it didn’t feel as if I really watched it until I did a review of it so here goes this review is for Mirror Mirror.


Well it was a pretty good movie worth watching seeing that it is the second movie I saw in two weeks the revolved around the story of snow-white. However, I have to say it might have been a bit better of a watch than Snow White and the Huntsman. This movie took the classic tale of snow-white and made it a family movie, but I think it was a very well made one not to childish so that adults couldn’t enjoy it but at the same time it wasn’t something that you couldn’t watch with a five-year old and have to worry.

They were many lines in this movie that were funny and I thought would be funny no matter how old you were. My personal favorite line in this movie was “There’s I’m in the same room as a prince crazy, and then there’s good old-fashioned plain traditional psycho crazy. I fear she’s the latter.” That line alone made this movie worth it to me; cause no matter how old you are you could find that funny.

Over all I would watch it again if I watched movies twice lol, it had romance, fighting and good clean humor that everyone could enjoy. I would rate it as an overall 4 out of five for the good story and good acting that carried the story without letting the viewer get lost. I recommend this movie to anyone that wants to watch a movie with his or her kids but doesn’t want to be bored at the same time.

That is it for now hope everyone has a blessed, awesome day, thanks for reading share, like, or comment below on what you like or dislike, and I will be writing to you again soon.

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