My First Goal

It’s Christmas Eve and I finally figured out what my first goal will be. My first goal will be to write a novel, well really finish the ones I started. Though I know what I need to do I am not really sure how goals work, I mean I have never truly had a goal to accomplish, so now that I am making one I have one question. What happens when I finish, yes I accomplish my goal but then what, do I just make more goals or something else. I wonder if I would celebrate accomplishing my first goal in life when I’m done.

That’s actually something worth thinking about; I’ve never celebrated anything before well not anything I have ever thought was worth celebrating or wanted to celebrate, so to me I wasn’t celebrating.  Oh well I’ll think about that when the time comes. Anyway as part of going after my goal or how ever its said I have order some books to better my skills a writer and to help my put together my work better. Even though I am a good writer I could use some work. Next thing I’m doing for my goal is writing more, at lest five hundred words a day, it my not be on any one thing but I’m going to make sure I write then look over what I wrote To see what I can do to get better.

Hopefully all this planning will pay off and I will have the first book done before my birthday, which should make a good birthday gift to my self. But unless I finish all five that I have started by my birthday my goal won’t be done but who knows I might. Nevertheless it is a good start to get one done buy then I just have to decide which one I want to work on first.  Which will be kind of hard seeing that they are all very different, and I can’t really decided which one I want to finish first. I might just go ahead and finish the first book I have ever started first, though that one is only and idea a few pages long so far but I’m not sure yet, we’ll see soon.

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