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Mostly cloudy lol

Florida is awesome with the rain lol Posted from phone

Moving To The Cloud

Everything is moving to the cloud, which is somewhat good to me, but at the same time, it’s not that great. Backing up to, the cloud is one thing but having software and you work stored on the cloud is a very different thing. I back up my work to Google drive but not all […]

Best Fight Quote From Doctor Who

Demons run when a good man goes to war Night will fall and drown the sun When a good man goes to war Friendship dies and true love lies Night will fall and the dark will rise When a good man goes to war Demons run, but count the cost The battle’s won, but the […]


I’m in a very odd mood today, I turned 22 a few days ago and now im just very annoyed by my life. Anywwy I am thinking about the things that have happened to me over the past few years mostly last year and the begging of this year. So now I wonder what I […]

Start treck

I love the Borg. Their bosses lol, their answer to everything it’s we are Borg. How do you go against that lol, you don’t cause we ate Borg resistance is useless.


Yielding to Pain it’s weakness and pain is the bodies way of saying something is wrong. So I guess pain does really make you weak or is it the other way around because your weak you yield to pain. Hmm maybe it’s your weak therefore you break easy. Random thought of my day and my […]


Anyone can have their cake and eat it too, but the really trick is to eat the cake and have it too


Installing Windows 8 let’s see how it runs on a normal laptop. Hopefully it doesn’t suck like the surface tablets


“The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.” Drago Museveni

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