Never Stop

Never give up no matter how hard things get push on and fight for your dreams. Something I have heard a lot in my life but really it’s just talk; not giving up and fighting for your dreams doesn’t get you anywhere in reality. Don’t get me wrong it is needed some times, but if that’s all you have, you might as well just give up. I’ll use myself as an example; I want to give up all the time, I stop fighting for my dreams and try to quite all the time but yet still here I am doing the things I say I’m done with day after day.

So what’s my secret? well I don’t have one I just did the most logical thing a person can do to keep moving forward. I took the choice out of the equation, yes you read right, I don’t have a choice. I can give up and quite all I want but I still have to move on like it or not. Sounds like it’s not something that’s possible at first but trust me it is, better yet it’s easy to do.

No matter your goal or dream for your life, steps are needed to do them so figure those steps out, for me it was learning to write, read, and speak clearly. All the things I needed to be an author, and so I said to myself, I have to master these things. And after a few months I had given up I didn’t get anywhere I was almost 10 and I couldn’t speak a full sentences that anyone could understand. And no matter how hard I worked at it I wasn’t getting better, that’s when I made my plans.

I had given up all hope of becoming an author or anything else but I still wanted something. So I did the only thing I knew to do I prayed, yep I prayed and then I said to myself. “This is your last break, from now on you never stop weather you want to, or not, even if you’re dead you don’t get to stop, you keep moving forward.” Now don’t get me wrong this was not to motive myself to do anything, but it made me keep moving and getting better, it had nothing to do with any of my dreams but without knowing it I had just given up the biggest hindrance in my life.

From that point on, I made it my point to keep moving, whether or not I was moving to my goal I had to get better. In the almost 12 years since that day I have never stopped; I have given up on my dreams, changed my dreams, and said I’m done with everything so many times that I lost count. But I couldn’t stop no matter what happened to me or what I was working towards even when I didn’t see anything I wanted to work to I still kept going. I kept working on bettering myself in any way I could think of. When I had a goal I worked towards it and when I didn’t I just worked to everything.

So what has this gotten me well I have accomplished my dream of being an author, but that’s not all. I have accomplished things that I didn’t even think of ever doing, and I have learn more than I had ever thought possible. But most of all I have changed into a person who doesn’t know how to stop, to head forward with my eyes past the stars themselves aiming for Galaxies far off and not settling for anything. So take my thought of the day to heart, when I tell you it’s ok to quite or give up but never stop moving forward.

That is it for now hope everyone has a blessed, awesome day, thanks for reading share, like, or comment below on what you like or dislike, and I will be writing to you again soon.

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