New year thoughts

Its time to think about a new year’s resolution well really I’m thinking about the past year and seeing what I can do this coming year to be different maybe better. The thing that’s standing out most is my writing which I find to be very interesting, because I have never taken it seriously. Which is a very odd thing to hear from someone that considers them selves to be an author but its true. I have always written things to pass the time, never trying to get better at it or even improving upon what I wrote. Though it has seemed like I have spent a lot of time trying to get better its not really true. Yes it is true that I have gotten better at writing but that’s more from writing almost every other day for almost three years now.

Speaking of not taking things seriously I have never taken much of anything seriously in my life it has always been if it works it works if not oh well. I have never even set actual goals in my life; everything I have done has been almost entirely on a whim just to see if I could do it. There has never been a goal or reason that made me wanted to do something other than I just wanted to know if I could.

But this year I’m going to take things seriously or kind of seriously to the point where I actually have goals. At least one goal would be a start weather I can do it or not is not really the point its working towards a goal trying my best to reach that goal is the point. Though I have not fully decided on what I want that goal to be I am almost sure that it will have something to do with my writing, seeing that I have been at it longer than anything else in my life, it would be a good place to start.  So here is to the New Year and actually going after something in my life, cheers.

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