Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy


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Nothing on this planet that you don’t do anything to get is ever good, or well even worth much to begin with. I mean think about it everything that you really want, you have to do something for it, or you have to pay for it, either way it requires a price. And that’s what I’m talking about today it’s not money it’s the indusial price we pay for the things we want. I know the biggest price I paid to finish my books was time and sleep, being up until it was almost sun up working on the cover and trying to get the layout right and everything else.

I know I’m not typical in any way except I must pay the same price for things, I may not want the same things or even pay the same type of price but then again everyone is different and what’s valuable to me and someone else is different. Never the less a price is a price, and to get anything that is truly valuable we must pay a large price. As a child, I cleaned my room even though I hated doing it to get things I wanted and now, I spend countless hours reading writing and studying for what I want. It’s a large price for me because I don’t do things like that when it’s not just to enjoy myself. Even though the price is large, what I have gained in return to me is more than worth it and I would do it as many times as it takes. Because anything that is worth having will cost you something.

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