Progress a word we here all too often but we seem to never really understand. Many of us think of progress as just moving forward or getting better at something and though that is progress. I myself have always seen it as being a bit more than that, to not just get better at something. I have always thought that for my life to have progress I must not only get better at something but I must also do better things. What I mean by that is I just don’t want to get better at it I want to find something better instead of just getting better at that one thing if possible. Though it is true that they are some things that, that will not apply to such as writing, where you can get better at it but there isn’t anything above it.

So for things that I found you can only work on getting better at because it’s not something that you can find something else that lets you do the same and more that you can get better at. I find things to add a little extra to it, for example I write a lot of science fiction it’s what I love to write more than anything else. Well there isn’t anything I can do but get better at it by working on  it, so I do some other things to add to it. I study a little of every science I can find, everything from simple gravity to quantum physics, and string theory, I may not understand them perfectly and I don’t try to but still I do my best to find and read as much of everything as I can I even read something’s on how the mind works, how the body works and well anything else I can find that’s telling how something works.

Doing this may not seem like it has very much of a point to most people but for me its progress I am moving forward as fast as I can, and though at times it may seem that knowing something like; heart cells never stop pulling or beating until they die and when you put to next to each other they will start to beat in sync, is completely useless. And I do admit that it doesn’t come to mind very often. It does help when I go to describe things, I can pull from something that is real and not have to spend as much time try to figure out how to describe something.  This is the point that I am trying to make for my thought of the day today. That progress doesn’t always mean going forward in one direction, but sometimes if we just branch out a bit from what we see as being moving forward in something to what’s around it we can move forward more than we would ever thought possible. In some cases we find that the way we were doing something is no longer the best way to do it and in fact maybe making it harder than it needs to be. so with just a simple changing of our mind set or how we do something we can get more done move forward faster and progress in the things we want to much more.

Have a wonderful day and hope i gave you something to think about for a while.

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