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Vacation over so sad

Took a week off from work to do some work on my site and finish my book Ten Thousand walks. It took some tim and a few or those nights with just a few hours of sleep but I finished it. I even used a new review program which actually picked up on a lot […]

I will finish Nanowrimo

November is national novel writing month, and this month I will be writing or more precisely will be finishing the novel ten thousand walks. I’m not exactly sure when actually got the concept for the novel, I think it was actually almost 2 years ago. I started writing it over and over again; but I […]

New Story Done Other Stuff

Another story finished today and I finally got the idea for the cover design. Now all I have to do is finish two more stories and the cover, which if all goes well, will be happening next week, I’ve been putting everything off much too much and I really need to finish stuff I start. […]

Give Away and Updates

Starting Monday I will be doing an eBook give away on amazon for all my books, one every Monday through Friday for four weeks. Reason is because I want to get my work to as many people as possible and I want to have a few ratings on my amazon for all my books. I […]

New book in progress

New book in progress For the past few days well about a week I have been writing in a note book while I’m not busy. What I have been writing is what will be the first novel in the cursed heroes series. But instead of just giving hits of what I am writing I have […]


Cursed Heroes, The Beginnings Launch Give away 7/6/2012 to 07/10/2012

Cursed Heroes, The Beginnings has just been released for the kindle on amazon, to celebrate the release it will be Free for the five days from 7/6/12 to 7/10/2012. Below are the links to the amazon link and the Google pulse even, feel free to invite anyone you please. Amazon Link: Google pulse Event: […]

Starting My PR Campains

Wow, I have tons of work to do for my book; I never really realized just how much work goes into marketing books, oh well. For now I am working on press releases; I have never written one so I am learning how to with the help of Google, and my self-publishing guidebook. Lots and […]

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