Rainy Days

Its so rain rainy today, it feels nice not to hot things are moving a bit slow, it’s nice and calming. Days like today help me to slow down and think for a while about where I am and what I still have left to do. Also all the things that I still need to figure out or plan for. I am mostly trying to get rid of all the sticky notes that are all over my desktop for now, which isn’t going well seeing that I keep adding more things than I am getting rid of.

Today I am making my new plan that hopefully I can follow it includes writing and working on my sites along with doing my best to do advertising and get things put together to start all the things that I want to. But for now, I am taking it slow and working on finishing up as many of my stories as I can for the time being. Though  Cleaning my computer of all the unnecessary programs is the first thing that I need to do, and I am doing that today I really need to get rid of all the software I have no use for and just keep what I use. Which will speed up my computer but more importantly give me a bunch of extra space that will soon be used up by the projects I have planned.

Last task for  today; I have to figure out what I’m going to be using for my screen cast and collect the necessary links to start my better web project and hopefully I can do the intro today. However, if not it will be done tomorrow at the latest, I am actually really looking forward to this project I do missing teaching a little. Well that’s all for now I have to get back to finishing up things.

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