May 03

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Reinventing The Wheel

Something I learned when I was a child was “don’t reinvent the wheel,” my  dad always use to tell me don’t reinvent the wheel but I didn’t understand what that meant for a while. But then one day it kind of just hit me, why try to figure out something from scratch that someone else already did. Since then I have always looked to see if something I am doing has already been done before, how it was done, and why it was done. Reason for this is simple it’s dumb to work extra hard to do something when you can look at something else and use that as a guide.

I have always looked at this phase reinventing the wheel, as a guide to work harder on things that no one else is doing and try to improve on things that are already there. For instance when I was doing my books I got the template for it from the publishing site, though it wasn’t a very complex template and it was one that I could have made in about a half hour. It would have been a waste of time to do without the template and then once the full book was formatted the way I wanted a copied it and made a template file for  it from my own work so that next time I just have to drop everything I, thus not reinventing the wheel.

So my thought of the day for today is don’t reinvent the wheel, instead use what’s there and try and improve it so that it works best for you and you alone. Make it your wheel in a matter of speaking.

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