Jan 14

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Remembering doctors past

visiting at the doctor with my dad feels so odd, the last time I was here I was being tested to see how bad things were. hardly able to walk or feel much of my body, was not all that great of a visit. Even after I got better The side effects of having my first flat up still sticked and still had a large effect on me for a long time.
Well it’s odd thinking back to that,things were slot different back then. for one I was in slot more pain than I am now but, you know I kinda miss the pain a little. As odd it sounds it’s true, the reason being ha because now pain is not what I have go deal with but instead I have to basically deal with losing my mind. Which is much harder to deal with than a bit of pain by far. Which I have found most people don’t understand that that’s possible, take my mom for example always tell me how I’m lucky because I’m not in alot of pain I should be happy and thank full. But what she doesn’t understand is that when I was in unbelievable amounts of pain I was actually much happier. Now don’t miss understand me I don’t like Pain and when I was alot of lain it sucked but there is one good thing about pain that I take loosing my mind over and that’s pain killers.
Yes I know that makes me sound kind of like a junky but when your in pain you can take pain meds, but when you oh saw miss place a day in your mind or better yet get your mind stuck on one stupid word echoing in your head like a broken CD player there is nothing to take. And though it may sound a bit dumb but you try hearing one reaping word repeat endlessly in your mind. It drives you crazy after about 10 hours, makes you want to just ripe that word out of your head forever.
But that’s it for now I have to go till Next time God bless and have a good day.

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