September 4 random journal

Let’s see actually did a bit of correcting off my work today, was actually a lot easier than it was yesterday. Which is pretty good seeing that I will get really annoyed if it wasn’t getting easier to do. Even writing these blog posts are taking less and less time, boys recognition program still has problems with a couple words but I’m pretty sure after I get used to speaking out loud, it’ll start to recognize my voice a lot better.

I corrected over 1000 words of 10,000 walks, which is actually coming along pretty well now. I had actually lost the notebook for a while that it’s actually written in that I am currently typing out. However, I found it today, which is a good thing because I had actually gotten to the end of what I typed out before I lost it. So tomorrow, I will actually see if I can type maybe three pages well that’s my goal anyway, but if it goes well I might end up doing more than three pages.

Still a bit weird using the voice recognition software to type, I’m so used to listening and have in my music blasting while I type. I can still listen to music on my headset it’s not as loud, so it does interfere with the mic on the headset. Actually at this point, I’ve stopped trying to learn to type again, and just trying to learn how to pronounce the better. Seeing that this way seems to be a lot faster than actually typing it.

I can actually write a little bit more today than yesterday actually, so at least that much is better the pain is almost completely gone. However, my hands still feel like they’re not even mine, very tingly and very tense. Which is okay I not on any medication for anymore, just back to what I usually take but I’m trying to drink a lot more water which I’m actually doing. But I’m not doing so well when it comes not to drinking soda anymore. But it’s the first week so I’ve drunk less this week but I haven’t stopped yet might take me a couple weeks to actually stop.

Well that’s it for right now I need to get some rest anyway have a lot to do tomorrow.

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