So Many Things Done So Many To Do

So lately, I have been pretty happy lately, which is an awesome thing to say the least. Tons of new ideas have been going through my mind for everything from, new story ideas to new designs. I will be bring my first ever website back online, ( its new forces is on design of all kinds. I even have a new motto ( The Will Of Future Design) for the new site and everything.

So what does this really mean for me, well I have spent my life creating everything and this year after publishing my book, I just feel like it’s about time I take things up a bit and stop slacking off. Which I have been doing a lot of over the past few years but now I’m doing so much I’m feeling over whelmed but at the same time I’m getting so many things done that I am actually happy and feel like I’m finally doing something. That’s not a waste of time, and energy or just pointless LOL.

So even more good news that I found out today, was my book is now an EBooks on Google Play books, which I have been waiting for a while for it to be finish scanning. Also on the other side I did order the proof copy of the poem book I did for V-day, but I didn’t finish on time so I didn’t put too much effort into getting it done correctly. Nevertheless, it is done and will be out with in a two weeks and the Google preview and hopefully the EBook will also be out with in that time to. And finial note for me on the subject of writing is, i am redoing my first book I had published a few years ago. But this time I am doing it the way I wanted it done and not how it should be according to the normal publishing world.

Oh yeah my new slogan for this site, is the Will OF The Mind.


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